Hi All🌞🌎 Have you ever wanted to learn more about saddle fit, but never knew where to start? Then, this is the episode for you! Sonja, from Saddlefit ...View Details

Hi All🌞🌎 Things are changing! I've updated to options available to Patreon Members and am sharing with you guys the details behind the change as well ...View Details

Hi All🌞🌎 This week, we’re diving in with Jim Masterson, creator of the Masterson Method. This episode went in so many cool directions all surrounding ...View Details

Hi All🌞🌎 This week's episode answers Patron McKenna's questions. Here's an idea of all the topics we covered: What are your thoughts on how & when...View Details

I hope you guys are ready to dive into some training + behavior questions from EquiTheory Patrons! (To ask your question, join at http://patreon.com/e...View Details

We're officially back in business! My break is over and I'm thrilled to be back recording! This episode goes top to bottom covering allllllll the upda...View Details

Hi All🌞🌎 This week's episode is a difficult one to make, but I wanted to update you guys & fill you all in on the process I went through in decidi...View Details

Hi All🌞🌎 This week's episode includes an update to the podcast's schedule & also answers some patron questions: My question involves nipping... sp...View Details

Hi All🌞🌎 This week's episode covers your questions regarding two different cases of separation anxiety, a few aggression cases, and a horse who is ear...View Details

Hi All🌞🌎 We're back!! Season 4 is off to a hot start in this episode where I discuss all the things that are happening and have happened since my brea...View Details

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